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RealWheels EV

Cybertruck Stainless Steel Running Boards

Cybertruck Stainless Steel Running Boards

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Installation Time: 30 minutes
Tools required: 13mm socket, ½” socket and wrench

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Set your Cybertruck apart from the rest with these 100% American-Made Stainless Steel Running Boards. You’ll be amazed how these well-designed running boards (side steps, Real-Boards) enhance the appearance and function of your Cybertruck. With the doors closed, the Real-Boards streamlined appearance blends perfectly into the side profile. Open the doors and the Real-Board offers a generous 6" platform to enter or exit your Cybertruck.

Starting with 304 Stainless Steel, you will never have to worry about rust, pits, or corrosion on these running boards! Available in three exclusive finishes. A hand-polished satin finish to match your factory stainless steel body, a durable black powder-coated finish to blend into your lower trim, or a high polished mirror like finish to stand out from all the rest. No matter what finish you choose, starting with 304 Stainless Steel these boards are meant to last. RealWheels EV Real-Grip™ Step Surface Technology provides extruded holes to ensure maximum grip while allowing rapid water drainage to eliminate any puddles on the step. Hand TIG welded in the USA for the highest level of quality and strength available.

More than just a step. Of course Real-Boards allow easier entry and exit into your Cyber truck, but did you know that they also reduce wear on your seat bolster? Or, that they allow better access to cleaning your glass roof and windshield? Every time you get in and out of your Cybertruck, you are dragging yourself over the outside seat bolster. RealWheels EV Cyber Boards allow you to use the step to lift yourself higher to get in and out of your truck without causing any excess wear on your seat bolsters, prolonging the life of them. Another great benefit of the RealWheels EV Cyber Boards is the fact that you can use them when washing your vehicle to gain access to all the hard-to-reach spots on both your windshield and panoramic roof. Add in our exclusive roof mounted Real-Grab handles to make the job even easier!

The running boards are installed using RealWheels EV specially designed mounting brackets that mount to existing factory mounting points under the Cybertruck, with no cutting or trimming required!

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